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A private gateway to the vibrant city of Exeter and the stunning countryside of the south west, with all its abundant leisure and sporting pursuits, XLR Exeter offers a private travel experience beyond compare. 

Experience the epitome of luxury travel with XLR Exeter, your private gateway to the vibrant Historic city of Exeter and the picturesque countryside of the southwest. Whether you visiting to see family and friends, enrolling your son or daughter at the award winning University or sampling the many luxurious fine dining restaurants such as Lympstone Manor or Bovey Castle XLR Exeter is waiting to welcome you

Fun Facts

Did you know that the author of the World famous Harry Potter books J K Rowling studied at Exeter University? All of the draft novels whilst at Exeter, Gandy Street is the inspiration for Diagon Alley. 

A quiet and relaxing environment, with direct tarmac access, ample parking and a view over the airfield, the journey through XLR Exeter is swift, smooth and efficient. Our executive jet centre includes:

  • VIP lounges
  • Dedicated crew facilities
  • Direct tarmac access
  • Ample aircraft parking for private jets  

Together with our outstanding customer service team, XLR Exeter offers VIP passengers and private aircraft owners the ultimate private luxury travel experience from start to finish.

XLR works closely with the RAF, Royal Navy, Army Air Corps and USAF and looks after all training and deployment needs, the team also prepare hot pizzas which are complimentary for all visiting military personal on task

XLR Exeter

Exeter Airport,

Tel: 00 44 (0)1392 354995
Fax: 00 44 (0)1392 354943

Postcode: EX5 2BD

SITA: (Exeter Dispatch) EXTOOXH

XLR Exeter contact details:

XLR FBO Manager
Luke Wells

Operational Hours: 0800L-2000L (contact team for specific days)
Access to facilities are available 24 hours (on request).