EU Pet Travel Scheme

The XLR Executive Jet Centres at Birmingham, Liverpool and Bournemouth Airports are exclusively approved under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) as the authorised pet checker for dogs, cats and ferrets arriving from a variety of locations.

XLR's Customer Service team will look after the inbound arrival of your pet, subject to meeting the criteria that can be found below. Our team will check all paperwork in advance of your arrival to ensure a seamless experience for you and your much-loved four legged family member.

We ask that all requests for pet handling are sent to the Jet Centre at least 24 hours prior to departure. The Jet Centre will ask for digital copies of the requirements below to do a pre-clearance of your pet and there will also be a final check, upon arrival into the UK. This will ensure a seamless arrival into the UK.

Requirements to bring your pet into the UK via XLR Executive Jet Centres

  • Your pet must have a microchip readable by an ISO standard scanner or have been tattooed on or before 3rd July 2011.
  • Your pet must have been recently vaccinated against rabies with 21 clear days post vaccination and meet manufacturers guidance for validity. This vaccination must have been given at least 12 weeks of age therefore making the minimum age for entry 15 weeks of age.
  • Your dog must have had a tapeworm treatment 24 – 120 hours before entry. This is not a requirement for those pets travelling directly from Finland, Malta, Norway or Ireland.
  • Your pet must hold a valid Pet Passport (“blue book”) or a valid Health Certificate

Please note, if your pet doesn’t meet the requirements specified they will fail their entry checks into the UK, be placed into our Temporary PET Travel Clearance Holding Facility and may have to be transported onwards to a DEFRA Approved Quarantine Centre.

Contact XLR Birmingham, XLR Liverpool or XLR Bournemouth, to book your next journey with your pet, Find a Jet Centre